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In SharePoint, if you have an Excel Worksheet in a Library, you can set it up so that it opens in the browser. When you do this, there is a link you can click which says “Open in Excel”.

Sometimes, you might get this error when clicking that button:
“To open this workbook, your computer must have a version of Microsoft Excel installed and your Web browser must support opening files directly from Excel in the browser”
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Let’s say for some reason, you’ve lost your workflow settings for starting automatically and you need to run the workflow for items that were added upon which the workflow was not run. This might be a fairly tedious process, depending on how many records were entered under this situation, but it can be done. This is done through the GUI so that being said, there’s no way I know of to allow it to run on multiple files at one time.
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May 1 , 2013 | | In: JQuery, MVC3, Visual Studio

More Cache Problems with Visual Studio

Recently, I had a problem that only occurred when I debugged my application through Visual Studio. One and only one (out of dozens) of variables became ‘stuck’, if you will. I always got the error message that the variable was undefined. The error remained even when I completely removed the variable and named it something else.

I tried deleting all the IE temp files. I tried deleting Visual Studio cache. I also searched the net and found other places to delete cache – nothing worked.
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April 25 , 2013 | | In: Sharepoint 2010, SharePoint Tips

Can’t Open Site in SPD 2010

If you ever come across the error “the folder name is not valid” when trying to open a known good site in SharePoint Designer 2010, the answer/fix may be simpler than you think. At least it was for me
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April 12 , 2013 | | In: JQuery

JQuery UI AutoComplete Font Size too Big

We all (those of us who use JQueryUI) know that there is a JQueryUI CSS file which governs how each of the UI elements appear on the web pages.

However, from what I found, there is no item that directly changes the font size of the suggested elements that fill the list. And, from what I could see, the font was just too big for my needs.
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The scenario is this:
You have an MVC application which uses the JQuery UI Tabs implementation. Everything is fine until you make a server postback with MVC. The ‘Selected Tab’ resets to zero (the first tab). Have no fear. The solution is not hard at all.
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Let’s say you’re adding some newer CSS changes to your site and for some reason, they work fine in Chrome or Firefox, but not showing up like they should in IE10.
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March 27 , 2013 | | In: ASP.Net, JQuery, MVC3

Remove Blank Items from MVC Listbox – JQuery

We’ve all experienced it – we’ve populated a listbox and there are blank items. Of course, the best way to fix this is to fix the data. However, let’s say you have a deadline and need to get rid of those blank items first.
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March 26 , 2013 | | In: JQuery

JQuery Basics – Part One

JQuery is a collection of javascript libraries that do every day stuff for you in a more compact way.
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if you’re running Visual Studio (for me, it was 2010), and you start debugging your ASP.Net site, and you get the error in the subject line (with your specifics where the dots are), it can be a harrowing experience trying to find the solution.
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