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I don’t normally add links to code in other sites, but it would be counter-productive to try to create something which was already done very well on another site.

It really irritates me when I either create or use a web part and use a feature to create it only to find out that when it’s removed from the site, the web part remains in the gallery.

Just click here to find the code to make this possible in your own web parts/features:

I wanted to change the .Net Framework of my C# Windows app. Every site I went to to find out where to change said to right click on the project to get the properties page. Then, I would be able to change it in the ‘Target Framework’ dropdown. I never could see that dropdown.
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Most SharePoint developers have created either a basic web part or a visual web part, deployed it and noticed that it ended up in the ‘Custom’ group/category. But, what if you wanted to put it in its own special group/category?
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January 2 , 2014 | | In: ASP.Net, MVC, MVC3

Introduction to the WebGrid in MVC

In WebForms, first we had a DataGrid and then the GridView that we relied on for our grid type presentations. Well, once we started using MVC, it was a little more difficult since there are no ‘controls’ per se.
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Most examples of how to use ‘get-SPFeature’ using PowerShell (SharePoint Management Shell) show you how to use it with the GUID to find out the name. But what if you have the name and you want to find out the GUID ? All you need to do is use the name – it works both ways

If you go to Site Actions/Site Settings, then under ‘Look and Feel’, you click Navigation – and then, “Show Pages” is disabled so that you can’t select the checkbox, there is a very simple solution.
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Let’s say you have people in your ‘Contribute’ permission level but you really don’t want them to delete any list items. Modifying that level is very easy to do.
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I had a problem recently in which regular users (NT Authenticated users) could not see any data in Managed Metadata columns. The column headings were there, but not the data values. I searched for quite a while and I finally found what was needed.
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Let’s say you are trying to delete a content type for some reason or another, and you get a message that you can’t delete it because the content type is in use.

Let’s also say that you went the extra step and deleted all lists using that content type and you STILL get the message…..What’s up with this?
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If you’re in SharePoint 2010 Management Shell, the time might come that you need to concatenate a string with a variable, and echo it on the screen, to show what’s happening as it’s happening. However, it’s not as straight forward as it is in C# or VB.Net.
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All Things DotNet Discussed – Winforms/ASP.Net/SharePoint/WPF

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