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September 15 , 2010 | | In: WinForms, WinForms Tutorials

How to Use a WinForms Timer

First, you drag a Timer control over to the form you are using (or double-click it). This will put it in the tray at the bottom.

The scenario for this tutorial/code sample is simple. You have 2 listboxes. You want to copy items from one item to the other, and since they are in the second listbox, you want to remove them from the first one. Sounds simple, right?

To create an MDI (Multiple Document Interface) application in your Winforms Project, start with creating a new WinForms project. This creates one main form for the application. Go to the Properties window for this form and set the ‘IsMDIContainer’ to TRUE. This sets up the form as an MDI container for child windows. Being that an […]

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