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September 29 , 2010 | | In: Visual Studio, WinForms Tips

VS.Net Setup Project – Change Metadata

Every time I build a setup project in Visual Studio.Net, I find it very easy to use the wizard and setup the program menu, etc, but for some reason, I can never remember where to change the Manufacturer and Product Name, so that when it’s installed, it will go to specific folders.

Navigation to controls in the toolbox has finally gotten easier now, in Visual Studio.Net 2010. You can actually type to get to the control you want. The sections in which they reside don’t even need to be open.

August 12 , 2010 | | In: ASP.Net, ASP.Net Tips, Visual Studio

Formatting text in HTML Source View

If the code in your Source View seems unorganized and unreadable, there is a simple way, in Visual Studio, to format the text into a more readable format. What it actually does, is to create a hierarchical, tabbed view of your HTML. All you need to do is to highlight the text you need reformatted […]

August 11 , 2010 | | In: Visual Studio

Bookmarks in Visual Studio

Did you know you can add bookmarks in your Visual Studio code? These can be very helpful to find particular sections that you will be working on from time to time. This is even more helpful when your code file is very large.

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