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November 15 , 2012 | | In: Visual Studio

Clear Visual Studio Cache

Sometimes, you can make changes using Visual Studio (at this point, I’m still using VS 2010), but when you run the app for debugging, the changes don’t appear. This may then be a cache issue, but it’s very easy to fix.

In the old days, when a new version of Visual Studio was released, many times, when opening an older project, it was converted to the new version and, from there, there was no going back. If you chose to make a backup during this process, you were ok.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to create a solution and either you don’t have a solution file for your project, or your solutiion file has been renamed or has become corrupted. At that point, it’s not as straight forward as one would like in order to get it done. However, it’s not a laborious task at […]

From those of us who worked with the WSP Builder add-in for Visual Studio back in the SharePoint 2007 days, it might not be absolutely obvious how to work with .wsp files in Visual Studio 2010, but it’s more simple than you think – just not so obvious.

If you’ve created a project (let’s say a class) in Visual Studio 2010 and you’d like to change the target framework, in C#, it’s very easy to find.

October 22 , 2010 | | In: Visual Studio

‘Export Template’ not Visible in Menu

I was finding myself creating multiple projects which had the same basic core in Visual Studio, so I decided I needed to save my ‘core’ as a template. Not remembering exactly where that option was, I started searching on the web and was reminded that under the file menu, there is ‘Export Template’ item just […]

October 5 , 2010 | | In: ASP.Net, ASP.Net Tutorials, C#, VB.Net, Visual Studio

Use VB Class Files in C#

Did you know that, if you use the App_Code folder in your C# application, you can also use VB class files in your project?

October 5 , 2010 | | In: Visual Studio

Hide Non-Visual Controls in Designer

Many times, you will want to hide the non-visual controls (like Datasource controls, etc) that show up in your page. It’s very easy to toggle these off and on.

October 4 , 2010 | | In: Visual Studio

Change Browser and Resolution in VS.Net

Have you ever right clicked on one of the pages in your ASP.Net project in the Solution Explorer? Then you may or may not have noticed another option, right below that one, in the list – ‘Browse With’.

October 4 , 2010 | | In: Visual Studio

Hover and Pin Variables

This is a very cool new feature of Visual Studio 2010. Let’s say you’ve created some breakpoints in your code, and you’ve got a variable that changes during a loop. Naturally, you can press F11 or F5 to sequence through it again, and then hover over that particular variable to see its value, but…..

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