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This is a list of things that need to happen/occur to get Ratings working in you SharePoint 2010 list. It is actually a compilation of items I’ve found on the internet which tell you how to do this, but usually, if it’s not working, you need at least most of the items below.

If you need to find out how to save a site as a template, please check out our previous article Save as Site Template. Once you’ve saved this template/solution to your local drive, you can create a new Web Application, and then create a Site collection, based on that solution, even though it’s not uploaded […]

Let’s assume you have already created your Web Application and Site Collection and then your boss comes in and says, let’s enable ‘Anonymous Access’ on the site. That’s not too hard, but it does take a series of steps.

If you want to include a seamless exporting/importing of the Metadata you’ve produced when backing up and restoring of a SharePoint 2010 site, it is a two step process for each. First, you need to backup the site collection. Then you need to separately backup the Metadata. Naturally, you must import the data on the […]

In SharePoint 2010, backing up a site or saving as a template is extremely easy, using the Save Site as Template feature in Site Settings.

First of all, it’s best to actually define and describe what a Mobile Adapter is and what it’s used for. Basically, it’s a replacement for a custom Web Part, or you can think of it as a class that makes a custom SharePoint 2010 Web Part accessible on mobile devices.

A handful of steps are required in order to set up anonymous access in SharePoint 2010 sites. Below, you will learn what is required to do so:

First off, we need to explain what CAML stands for – – Collaborative Application Markup Language. It’s an XML based query language in order to perform a query operation against data in SharePoint.

In SharePoint 2007, creating Business Data Connectivity/Line of Business applications was a chore, to say the least. There was only a small amount of built in support, so developers needed to buy 3rd party applications to help with the task. And in some cases, the price was fairly high. However, in SharePoint 2010, things have […]

Here is a continuation of steps needed, based on Part I of ‘Create a list from an External Content Type – Part I. Part I can be seen here: Once the steps in Part 1 are finished, a tree view of tables, views and stored procedures from the chosen database appears in the interface. […]

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