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Let’s say you are trying to delete a content type for some reason or another, and you get a message that you can’t delete it because the content type is in use. Let’s also say that you went the extra step and deleted all lists using that content type and you STILL get the message…..What’s […]

October 3 , 2013 | | In: Sharepoint 2010, SharePoint 2010 Tips

Deleting SharePoint Groups

At first glance, it might seem difficult to find where you can delete a SharePoint group. Recently, I named a group incorrectly and had to go in and delete it, but for the life of me, I just couldn’t remember where to do it. It didn’t take too long for me to realize that I […]

If you’re working with content types, and a content hub, then you know you need to publish your content types, so that other sites can use them. To do this, in the settings page for the content type, you must click on the link to ‘Manage publishing for this content type’. Well, what do you […]

One of the nice things about SharePoint is the ‘Append Changes to Existing Text’ feature. In this, every time you make (let’s say) a new comment (I’ll use the Comments field for this demonstration), it just adds it as a new entry in the Comments, so you don’t take the chance of losing some of […]

Let’s say you have a bunch of Content Query Web Parts that someone put on a SharePoint site that you need to maintain. These CQWPs all use various Content Types, and that’s all you have to go on, but you need to find out which lists use those content types.

I looked for a long time to try to find a way to hide the toolbar in an RDL file which I was surfacing in a pageviewer URL. Over and over, I found references to adding this parameter to the URL: &rc:Toolbar=false However, that did not work for me. But finally I found the answer.

I have a Content Query Web Part that was giving me fits. My situation presented itself as a permissions problem (or though it seemed). Certain people (with higher/better permissions) could see the content. Some people saw the error message. I tried several things, including make sure the Publishing feature was enabled and deactivating it, and […]

In SharePoint 2010, I had a situation in which I needed to immediately redirect users to another page if landing on the first page. I knew about Meta Refresh in HTML and I knew about response.redirect in basic ASP.Net, so I was wondering how I could accomplish this.

It’s so easy to enable wildcard searching in 2010 it’s really strange why it wasn’t done by default.

Let’s say for some reason, you’ve lost your workflow settings for starting automatically and you need to run the workflow for items that were added upon which the workflow was not run. This might be a fairly tedious process, depending on how many records were entered under this situation, but it can be done. This […]

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