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When trying to customize the forms for a document library, you will find that you have no ‘Customize Form’ button in the Library settings or in SharePoint Deisgner 2010. Apparently, this is by design. Even if you go to Site Settings/General Settings/Form Settings, as you have probably found already, you will get the message in […]

Sometimes having the QuickLaunch bar on the left is not what you want. Maybe you want all your navigation in the top navbar. I’ve seen several items on the web that can handle this, sometimes it was actual ASP.Net code, sometimes it was JavaScript, but there’s a very easy OTB way to take care of […]

In SharePoint 2010, on the left side of the page (on certain pages), you’ll see a section titled ‘Recently Modified’. There are times when you really either don’t want or don’t need that to show. Luckily, there’s a very easy way to take care of this situation.

When I was moving a site from one server to another, using TFS to deploy the reports to a Report Library in SharePoint 2010, I got the following error: The shared data source ‘‘ for the report server or SharePoint site is not valid The fix is not pretty, but it’s fairly easy to fix […]

Here’s the scenario – I had just restored a new site collection, changing much of the design. All backups seemed to go well, and all meta-data and security was still in tact after the restoration. However, when testing, I was getting complaints that some/many of the contributors who showed to have had access were coming […]

So, you’re in SharePoint Designer 2010 and you get this error that says it can’t perform the operation when you’re trying to check in your changes. Also, it tells you that the file is already checked in or it has been deleted. You’ve scoured the internet, deleting all the cache files you can find, trying […]

In Central Administration, there are 2 different links concerning SharePoint Services, in 2 different locations/sections. They are: Manage Service Applications Manage Services on Server It took me a while, when I started out in 2010 to remember which one did what.

In case, for some reason, you need to change the name of your web application after it’s created, it’s very easy to do in SharePoint Powershell.

In SharePoint Designer 2010, open your site. To find your List ID (GUID), click on ‘Lists and Libraries’, and choose your list or library. You will find the GUID just below ‘Web Address’, under the List Information section.

A friend of mine was learning SharePoint Admin, and following an exercise in his book when he got this message. The scenario was that he was created an Public Internet site. He just followed the directions in the book. One of the steps was to create a new Web Application. When he clicked OK, he […]

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