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OK – the scenario is that you’re working in SharePoint 2010 and you have a document library with an ‘Add Document’ link at the bottom of the list of records/items (like normal). Also, this list has been working flawlessly, but one day, you notice that all of a sudden, there is no ‘Add Document’ link […]

I have a machine, that no matter what I do, I can’t make the Sharepoint PowerShell work. However, I found out a short little command, so that you could use the SP PowerShell commands inside th regular Windows PowerShell.

In SharePoint 2010, backing up a site or saving as a template is extremely easy, using the Save Site as Template feature in Site Settings.

From those of us who worked with the WSP Builder add-in for Visual Studio back in the SharePoint 2007 days, it might not be absolutely obvious how to work with .wsp files in Visual Studio 2010, but it’s more simple than you think – just not so obvious.

Let me first start with what this book is not. I’ts not an in-depth, complete book on SharePoint 2010. it starts off with ‘What’s New in 2010′, then, goes from Getting Started and Organizing chapters, all the way to security and search. It covers quite a lot of areas, over-all.

Let’s say you’ve created your form library and your InfoPath 2010 form for the “Add Document” link in the library. You want to make sure that, when the form is saved/added to the library, that it has a unique name and is not overwritten each time someone adds a new document to the library.

First of all, it’s best to actually define and describe what a Mobile Adapter is and what it’s used for. Basically, it’s a replacement for a custom Web Part, or you can think of it as a class that makes a custom SharePoint 2010 Web Part accessible on mobile devices.

Every once in a while, you will need to adjust the permissions (add/remove, etc) on external content types that you created. Since this isn’t done every day, it may be hard to remember exactly how it’s done. Anyway, that’s what I’ve found, personally.

You’ll know when you run into this. The two problems are: Running a report using the SSRS SP 2010 Integration web part will NOT work correctly when using parameters. Setting the web part’s height to fill the zone, the display gets really crazy

First, in your SharePoint site, if you haven’t created a Data Connection Library already, create one. This is where you will publish the new Data Connection which you create.

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