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August 4 , 2014 | | In: SharePoint, SharePoint Tips

Force a Page into Edit Mode

Let’s say, you’re entering CSS or JQuery in a Content Editor in your page so certain parts of it are hidden and all of a sudden, you realize whether by accident or on purpose, you’ve hidden the Site Actions menu, so there’s no way to edit your page. Have no fear – –

Most people know about the Web Analytics Reports that come built in with SharePoint, but there is a way to run a report on specific Document Libraries that show how many times each file was accessed and opened. Before you do this, you must go to Site Actions/Site Settings/Site Collection Administration/Site Collection audit settings and […]

Scenario: You need to get the full name of the logged in SharePoint user using Javascript so you can fill a textbox (or whatever your needs are). This is actually more simple than you would think.

The way I found this was when I was looking for pages that were created in a site I inherited, the original developer (for some unknown reason) did not turn on Publishing and created a new separate directory/library for the web pages. So, every time, I tried to edit a web part on a page, […]

If you, for some reason or the other, find that when you try to add a new document to your document library, that it comes up and prompts you for an InfoPath type of document and you know beyond a shadow of doubt that you’re supposed to just get a normal ‘Browse’ dialog to upload […]

Let’s say you want to have a list of announcements, but you would like it to present itself in a blog format, so within SharePoint, you set up the Blog site template. However, since it’s merely announcements, you don’t really want any to be able to comment on each of the items.

The way I learned (a long time ago ) to hide fields in the New/Edit/Display forms of a list was to create new forms, set them as default and manually go in and remove the fields I wanted hidden. Of course the way to do that is using SharePoint Designer. The problem is that, if […]

April 14 , 2014 | | In: SharePoint, SharePoint Tips

Hide Headers in ListView Web Part

Sometimes it may be more artistically prudent to hide the column headers when using SharePoint’s ListView web part. Luckily, it’s very easy using CSS

If you don’t pay really close attention to every step during the creation of a group in SharePoint, you’ll probably fall prey to one of the unintentional pitfalls that can happen.

As it turns out, this is more simple than you would usually figure. All you do is the following: Go to Site Actions/Site Permissions. Then, check the box which is to the left of the group you need to edit. In the Ribbon, click the ‘Edit User Permissions’ button (also works for individual users). Adjust […]

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