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SharePoint Category

If you go to add a webpart, choosing the ‘Content Rollup’ category and you can’t find the Content Query Web Part, it’s actually a very simple fix.

Let’s say that you are in SharePoint and you have typed in a person’s name (into the people picker control) and even though you were sure you typed it correctly, it has been rejected as misspelled. Some people just don’t want to go to the ‘Open Book’ icon and search, due to time or whatever. […]

April 10 , 2015 | | In: SharePoint, SharePoint Tips

Renaming SharePoint Groups

If you’ve forgotten how to do this and then searched the net to try to find out how to do it, you might have gotten frustrated since most of the examples on the net show you how to do it in Powershell.

December 1 , 2014 | | In: SharePoint, SharePoint 2010 Tips

Free SharePoint Videos

It’s always great when you can learn new things and it doesn’t cost you a dime. Here is a link that has over 200 SharePoint videos for free!

Let’s say you just created a brand spanking new document library and you want to transfer a bunch of files all at once because it would really be a chore uploading them one at a time. Then, when you open the ‘Add Document’ dialog, you don’t see the familiar ‘Upload Multiple Files…’ link. Also, the […]

October 23 , 2014 | | In: SharePoint, SharePoint Tips

HTML Tags Appear in Rich Text Fields

In SharePoint, if one of your fields is designated as a Rich Text or Enhanced Rich Text field, and your output is showing the HTML tags, then it very well could be an XSLT problem. When I found this, it was a DataView web part XSLT problem.

September 5 , 2014 | | In: SharePoint, SharePoint Tips

CQWP Bulleted Style

You may have noticed that, if you add a Content Query Web Part to your page and use the bulleted title style, that when, due to spacing, if your list item wraps to multiple lines, the actual bullet centers vertically in the middle. This may not be what you actually need.

September 2 , 2014 | | In: SharePoint, SharePoint Tips

‘New Folder’ Button is Not Enabled

Ok – here’s the situation. You’ve got a library all set up and you want to add folders to the library, but when you go there, the ‘New Folder’ button is not available (not enabled) in the ribbon – it’s disabled. Have no fear, it’s not as dark and dreary as you would normally think.

August 12 , 2014 | | In: SharePoint, SharePoint Tips

Link CQWP Back to List

If you just fill out the necessary items in a Content Query Web Part (link to the list, title, sorting, filtering, etc.), you might just forget a very important step.

How many times have you put a List View (naturally connected to a list), but only wanted to show one item from the list or multiple lines using one column as a filter? Well, you can do that with little or no work, using a query string.

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