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In SharePoint 2007, creating Business Data Connectivity/Line of Business applications was a chore, to say the least. There was only a small amount of built in support, so developers needed to buy 3rd party applications to help with the task. And in some cases, the price was fairly high. However, in SharePoint 2010, things have […]

Here is a continuation of steps needed, based on Part I of ‘Create a list from an External Content Type – Part I. Part I can be seen here: Once the steps in Part 1 are finished, a tree view of tables, views and stored procedures from the chosen database appears in the interface. […]

August 10 , 2010 | | In: SharePoint, Sharepoint 2010, SharePoint2010 Tutorials

Document Sets

In SharePoint 2010, you can use Document Libraries to create ‘sets’ or groups of documents. Often, there? there is a need to combine multiple documents based on a particular purpose. These, then obviously are called ‘Document Sets‘.

A Secure Store application is a way to impersonate a specific group or user, so that your application can refer to the Application and use it for authentication. Here are the basics on how to create one.

August 9 , 2010 | | In: SharePoint, Sharepoint 2010, SharePoint2010 Tutorials

Term Sets

Term Sets are a cool new feature of SP2010. It’s a bit like creating a global choice list. They can them be used anywhere in your site, as a choice list, however, they are not available in a DropDownList or ListBox – only a textbox. But, at the same time you create a Term Set, […]

Let’s say you decide you have built a list or library and it has content, but you need to reorganize and move it to another sub site. It’s really easy in SharePoint 2010. It’s not so much a ‘Move’ as it is a ‘Save and then Create’ type of action. 

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