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I looked for a long time to try to find a way to hide the toolbar in an RDL file which I was surfacing in a pageviewer URL. Over and over, I found references to adding this parameter to the URL: &rc:Toolbar=false However, that did not work for me. But finally I found the answer.

You can show SSRS reports (although in rdlc format other than rdl) in your ASP.Net applications fairly easily with the ReportViewer control. But one of the most powerful weapons available is the ability to use Expressions to make the report do or show different things dynamically.

Recently I’ve been working on several stored procedures for DotNet applications and, though they were created successfully, when creating and editing them in the SQL Server Management Studio window, some, but not all of the column names in the list to be selected/inserted/updated would have the well-known red squiggly lines beneath them, and the tooltip […]

When I was moving a site from one server to another, using TFS to deploy the reports to a Report Library in SharePoint 2010, I got the following error: The shared data source ‘‘ for the report server or SharePoint site is not valid The fix is not pretty, but it’s fairly easy to fix […]

You’ll know when you run into this. The two problems are: Running a report using the SSRS SP 2010 Integration web part will NOT work correctly when using parameters. Setting the web part’s height to fill the zone, the display gets really crazy

November 19 , 2010 | | In: Reporting Services

Error converting data type nvarchar to int

If you’re creating an SSRS report, adding a parameter list with a sql statement (dropdownlist) in which you want the user to be able to choose multiple items in the dropdown list, and you get the error in the subject line, you should beware of two things.

It’s incredibly easy to get SSRS reports in SharePoint 2010. The first step, which I’m going to skip, for the sake of brevity here, is to install Reporting Services with SharePoint Integration.

October 11 , 2010 | | In: Reporting Services

Embedded Code for Styles in SSRS

This tip just shows one of the many ways to use styles in your reports. Here, we’ll create a function that determines the background color for a particular area.

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