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January 7 , 2013 | | In: ASP.Net, ASP.Net Tips, JQuery, MVC3

Change CSS Attributes with JQuery

You can easily use JQuery to change the CSS of HTML tags. Of course, you can either change them inside a function, or outside a function, inside the Script Tag. Here’s a way inside an ‘onblur’ function: $(“#MyTextBox).blur(function () { $(this).css(“background-color”, “red”); } All you’d need to do inside a Script Tag (which would make […]

December 21 , 2012 | | In: JQuery

Assess the ‘checked’ Property of a Checkbox

Let’s say you have a checkbox with the name ‘MyCheckBox”. Using JQuery, here’s a function you can use to be able to tell whether or not it’s checked: $(document).ready(function () { $(“#MyCheckBox”).click(function () { var chk=this.checked; if (chk==true) {alert(“Mycheckbox is checked”);} else {alert(“Mycheckbox is NOT checked”);} }); });

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