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If you’ve created a project (let’s say a class) in Visual Studio 2010 and you’d like to change the target framework, in C#, it’s very easy to find.

October 11 , 2010 | | In: ASP.Net, C#, DotNet General, VB.Net, WinForms

Differences – ASP.Net/VB.Net/C#

I know, to some of you, this will seem like a ridiculously basic question/post. But since it was posted on one of the forums recently, and I had many problems with head hunters/recruiters on this, I thought it might be worthy to create a post about it. The question was: “What’s the difference between, […]

One of the great string methods that was introduced in dotNet 2.0 is ‘IsNullOrEmpty’

REST (the initials) stand for : Representational State Transfer. REST is a service API which allows you to access services and data from various clients. To do this, you would specify a URL to some item, like a web page with xml in it, and get that item back, via an HTP ‘GET’ request, and […]

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