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I’ve always been a fan of most of the Step By Step books issued by Microsoft and this book is no exception. It actually gives you more than you expect, including a small, abbreviated section on where to download SharePoint Foundation and how to install it. There are a host of new features in SharePoint […]

January 30 , 2011 | | In: Book Review, WCF

WCF 4.0 Step by Step – Review

I’m going to be doing this review a little differently than you are probably expecting. I’m doing it as a user learning WCF. I’ve created web services and used them before and I’ve done some reading, etc concerning WCR, but I’m new to actually learning the concept from the ground up. So that’s how I’m […]

Let me first start with what this book is not. I’ts not an in-depth, complete book on SharePoint 2010. it starts off with ‘What’s New in 2010′, then, goes from Getting Started and Organizing chapters, all the way to security and search. It covers quite a lot of areas, over-all.

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