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July 27 , 2013 | | In: ASP.Net, ASP.Net Tips, C#

IIF Equivalent in C#

For those of us who came from a VB background, we know how great the immediate if is (iif). To do this in C#, it’s not so straightforward it seems, at least at first, but it’s just as easy and useful. Here’s how it’s the framework is done in C#: yourBool ? “true” : “false”; […]

If you’re getting the error in the subject line, and it seemed to come out of the blue, there might be a very easy fix to this.

This would probably be most effective inside an MVC application because in Web Forms, you can do this easily by changing the attributes on the controls themselves, though, even still, this would be more efficient. Here’s the scenario. You want to create a function for each and every textbox on your page, so that, when […]

January 7 , 2013 | | In: ASP.Net, ASP.Net Tips, JQuery, MVC3

Change CSS Attributes with JQuery

You can easily use JQuery to change the CSS of HTML tags. Of course, you can either change them inside a function, or outside a function, inside the Script Tag. Here’s a way inside an ‘onblur’ function: $(“#MyTextBox).blur(function () { $(this).css(“background-color”, “red”); } All you’d need to do inside a Script Tag (which would make […]

December 12 , 2012 | | In: ASP.Net, ASP.Net Tips

WebForms Validation Tip

When using the built in Validation controls with Web Forms controls, sometimes there is a confusion because of the ErrorMessage and Text properties.

First, let’s start off by explaining what an automatic or auto-implemented property is. Earlier in VB.Net, to create a property, you would need a structure like this: Private _Name As String = “” Public Property Name As String Get return _Name End Get Set(value As String) _Name = value End Set End Property

Let’s say you have a generic list: (VB.Net) Dim ProdList As New List(Of String) With ProdList .Add(“Alice Mutton”) .Add(“Chai”) .Add(“Chang”) .Add(“Gravad lax”) End With (C#) List ProdList = new List(Of, String); ProdList.Add(“Alice Mutton”); ProdList.Add(“Chai”); ProdList.Add(“Chang”); ProdList.Add(“Gravad lax”); Then, let’s say you want to loop through those items, one at a time and manipulate each one […]

September 18 , 2012 | | In: ASP.Net, ASP.Net Tips

ASP.Net Menu Tips

There are so many options/attributes that can be used with the ASP.Net menu control, that sometimes, it can be a daunting task to make it look and feel exactly like you want. Hopefully, this post can help with some of these tasks.

You can show SSRS reports (although in rdlc format other than rdl) in your ASP.Net applications fairly easily with the ReportViewer control. But one of the most powerful weapons available is the ability to use Expressions to make the report do or show different things dynamically.

August 30 , 2012 | | In: ASP.Net, ASP.Net Tips

Changing Font Color of HyperLinkField

You may think that, to change the color of the text in a HyperLinkField (in a GridView or DetailsView), all you would need to do was change the ‘ForeColor’ property in the ItemStyle under ‘Styles’. After all, you would change the ‘Bold’ setting (Fonts) in the ItemStyle. However, that’s not where you would do it.

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