In SharePoint Designer 2010, open your site.
To find your List ID (GUID), click on ‘Lists and Libraries’, and choose your list or library. You will find the GUID just below ‘Web Address’, under the List Information section.

To find the List/Library GUID and find the GUID for a particular view, go to the site in your browser and choose the view you want to check out. Click on the Library/List tab in the Ribbon, and thenClick the ‘Modify This View’ button in the Ribbon.

Copy the entire address in the toolbar to the clipboard. Copy it and paste it somewhere that might be useful for you to manipulate, like Notepad. Each section of the url (separated by the ampersand) relates to a particular query string. Within the URL, you will see the querystrings for the LIST and the VIEW (the characters following “List=” and ‘”View=“).

Copy those out by themselves. From there, all you need to be aware of is that:
%2D translates to a dash ()
%7B and %7D translate to “{” and “}
After %7D which follows the View, there will be another ampersand. From that point onward is useless for this purpose. Once the replacements are made (above), you will be left with the GUIDs for your List and View.