Sometimes it becomes necessary to create a solution and either you don’t have a solution file for your project, or your solutiion file has been renamed or has become corrupted. At that point, it’s not as straight forward as one would like in order to get it done. However, it’s not a laborious task at all. (btw – this post is referring to Visual Studio 2010)

The first thing you need to do with Visual Studio is click File/New Project. Name it whatever you would like and choose the directory where you want the solution file to exist.

Under ‘Installed Templates’, choose ‘Other Project Types/Visual Studio Solutions’. The only item in the main window should be ‘Blank Solution. Click OK.

Once that’s done, go back to the File menu and choose ‘Add’. Once you’re there, choose whichever existing item you’d like (Existing Web Site or Existing Projet). Once that’s finished, just save the entire project and you’re done.