The scenario is as follows:

There is a file that you need to edit, but it shows as being checked out by someone else. Either that person is no longer around, or no one will admit to having it checked out. Maybe there’s a guy who even goes so far as to check it back in, but it still shows as being checked out and can’t be edited.

Whatever the case is, you can’t edit the page because you get a popup that it is checked out or being edited by someone else.

This is very easy to handle, if you have administrative permissions. You can actually override/discard the check-out.

All you need to do is go to the library where that particular page resides (Site Actions/View All Site Content). Then click on the library where the file resides and find the ‘offending’ file. Hover over the file in the list, and move your mouse toward the right until you see the down arrow. Once you find it, click the arrow. You will see a “Discard Check Out” item. Just click it and that should take care of your problem.