As we all know (SharePoint people), SharePoint 2010 Management Shell is located in the Start menu under ‘Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products’. And many of you will know that, if you right click on that item in the menu, you will see ‘Run as Administrator’, which is the preferred method of running it.

What you may not know is that, if you want to just click the item instead of right click and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ every time, you can right click on it once, and choose the ‘Properties’ item. In the window that pops up, there are many tabs across the top, but what we are concerned with here is the ‘Advanced’ button close to the bottom. Click that button.

On the next (and last) screen, you will see a checkbox with ‘Run as administrator’. make sure that checkbox is selected, click ‘OK’, then ‘OK’ on the main Properties window and you’re good to go, as the saying goes. From there on out, when you click that link to ‘SharePoint 2010 Management Shell’, it will run as administrator.