In creating a rule for an InfoPath control, you might run across the need to clear out the contents of a Person/Group Picker control, much like you would for a textbox. Of course, it’s really easy with a textbox – choose the ‘set a field’s value’ action, giving it the name of the control and set a field’s value to ‘blank’ by just leaving that textbox blank. Well you’ve probably found that it’s not quite so straight forward for the Person/Group Picker control.

For this control, you must actually apply three separate actions (set a fied’s value). You’ll notice that in the ‘tree view’ of the Person/Group picker, you have several attributes – Displayname, AccountID and AccountType. At first it seemed fairly straight-forward to use the DisplayName, but that didn’t work by itself.

To get this working properly, you need to treat each of these attributes as separate controls, so in your three separate actions, you need to blank out each one of the attributes(Displayname, AccountID and AccountType).

It’s not the way I would have designed it, but that’s the way it works.