Sometimes, you do so many other things, you can come up with a total blank and forget how to do some of the simpler things you learned in the beginnings of your SharePoint developer life. I recently drew a complete blank on how to add an existing list to another page, so I thought that now that I’ve refreshed my memory, I would post this so that it can help me in the future. Hopefully, it will help you also.

Basically, you just go to the page you want and get in the ‘Edit Page’ view. You can do this by selecting ‘Edit Page’ from the Page tab of the ribbon, or you can click on ‘Site Actions/Edit Page’. Click somewhere on the page (where you want this list to appear), and then, once this section appears, click on ‘Editing Tools/Insert’. You will then see a handful of buttons and sections. In the WebParts section, next to WebPart, you should see a button that is captioned ‘Existing List’. Click that button and choose your list from the items that appear.

There you go. That’s all there is to it.