If you have selected a page, and then clicked on the ‘Edit’ button, but at least the majority of the page is not editable, first look to see if the page has sections with a ‘beige-ish’ background color.

If this is the case, the only portions which are not editable (which SEEM like the whole page) are the portions with the background color. That’s because you are editing in ‘NORMAL’ mode. To be able to edit anything in the page, you must edit in ‘ADVANCED’ mode. Go back to your EDIT button, and click on the small down arrow, at the bottom right of the EDIT button. The dropdown will show you two items :

  • Edit File in Normal Mode
  • Edit File in Advanced Mode

Once you clickk on the 2nd item (Edit File in Advanced Mode), you will be able to edit anything on the page. However, that being said, be very careful because editing the wrong section can really mess up a page.