OK – the scenario is that you’re working in SharePoint 2010 and you have a document library with an ‘Add Document’ link at the bottom of the list of records/items (like normal). Also, this list has been working flawlessly, but one day, you notice that all of a sudden, there is no ‘Add Document’ link at the bottom of the page, and all your toolbars are grayed out and not only do you have no idea how this happened, you don’t know how to fix it.

Just relax, and take in a big breath. Go to Site Actions. Remember this is a web part page, so you will want to choose the ‘Edit Page’ menu item.

Then, up at the top of the web part, on the far right, look for the little down arrow, so you can edit the webpart. Once you’re in the Edit Webpart area, look for the ‘Toolbar Type’. Chances are that this has been somehow reset so there is no toolbar. Change it to ‘Full Toolbar’. This should take care of your problem, so just stop editing the page and go on about your business as usual. :)