I’m going to be doing this review a little differently than you are probably expecting. I’m doing it as a user learning WCF. I’ve created web services and used them before and I’ve done some reading, etc concerning WCR, but I’m new to actually learning the concept from the ground up. So that’s how I’m going to be doing this review – following it little by little as I make my way through the book. So, by the end of the review, it should be fairly in-depth and a little more helpful than the average review.

The first thing I usually check is the number of pages in the book. A large number doesn’t always mean a large amount of information, but I my hopes were up when I noticed there were almost 700 pages. But then, when I downloaded the companion files (from the website), I noticed there were 2490 files downloaded. Things really started looking up at this point. I like a lot of samples, since I’m a ‘dig into the code’ kind of guy, to begin with. The only glitch I found here, was that though all the unzipped files were definitely inside the ‘Microsoft Press’ folder, as the directions told me, but that folder had a parent, so I wasted a half a minute or so figuring this out. By the way, the parent folder, for those interested, is called ‘Win_Com_4_SBS’. I knew my folder structure fairly well, so after seeing that folder and having not noticed that folder before, it was easy to find.

I liked the fact that you can use SQL Server Express for the samples in the book and it also includes the AdventureWorks 2008 Database installation exe in the download. I don’t like hunting through CodePlex for something I need now, and having it take some time to get exactly what I need.

My normal dev machine is different than the Win7 box I’m using for all this, so I’m needing to install Visual Studio 2010 on it, as well as installing the AW database. Therefore, I’m preparing for the long haul (as anyone who has installed VS.Net knows), with both installations.
I’ll get back to you with further information in Part II.