Let me first start with what this book is not. I’ts not an in-depth, complete book on SharePoint 2010. it starts off with ‘What’s New in 2010′, then, goes from Getting Started and Organizing chapters, all the way to security and search. It covers quite a lot of areas, over-all.

That being said, it is an excellent book on what it is. It is a very good map for those who just want the facts – for those who want to learn about SharePoint without having to be a developer or an Administrator. Plain & Simple provides a map, if you will of some of the major points of SharePoint, how to get there, what it looks like when you get there and what it does once you’re there.

Along with the pictures (screenshots), tips, descriptions for each area, this book provides a lot of good information in a short space, including information about Security and SharePoin search. It doesn’t overwhelm you with a lot of in-depth text, so this isn’t a full-blown, get to know everything there is about SharePoint kind of book, but it allows you to get a good feeling for SharePoint and what it does, and at the same time, it shows you how to do it.