Let’s say you’ve created your form library and your InfoPath 2010 form for the “Add Document” link in the library. You want to make sure that, when the form is saved/added to the library, that it has a unique name and is not overwritten each time someone adds a new document to the library.

In the InfoPath ribbon bar, click on the Data tab. Then, find and click on the Submit Options button. In the dialog that pops up, under ‘Allow users to submit this form, click on either Add (if no data connections for submitting are available) or ‘Manage’ to get the connection necessary.

Next, choose the data connection you want to change, and click the ‘Modify’ button. Under ‘Filename’ click the fx button, and then the ‘Insert Function’ button to locate the ‘concat’ function (concatenate). Add that to the textbox by clicking ok.

There are 3 sections by default, from which to choose. You can use all three, just two, or however many you need. Here, you will just choose a combination of fields on the form and concatenate them to give you a unique name. That’s all there is to it, but it’s a powerful procedure to know about.