It’s incredibly easy to get SSRS reports in SharePoint 2010. The first step, which I’m going to skip, for the sake of brevity here, is to install Reporting Services with SharePoint Integration.

Once that’s done, you may need to activate the Report Server Integration feature on new site collections.

I normally setup a Report Library, which is available at least in the Team Site. There, I can upload my reports, so I have them available wherever else I need them on the site.

Next, create a new page/web part page. Click on the ‘Page’ tab, then Edit the page. From there, click on the Add Web Part link (or Insert web part for other page types) for that page. I’ve seen several tutorials that tell you to navigate to the ‘Miscellaneous’ folder, but I found the ‘SQL Server Reporting Services Report Viewer’ web part, on my server, in the ‘SQL Server Reporting’ folder.

Add that to the page and click on the ‘Click here to Open the Tool Pane’ link. In the Report section of the web part properties, click on the ‘Browse’ button. Navigate to your Reports folder, and choose the report you want. Click on ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’ and maybe ‘Stop Editing’ (the page), and your done!

Your report is now ready to be viewed on that page. You can add any page header text or anything else you’d like. Just so you’ll know, it’s viewable directly from the Report folder, but there’s no Quick Launch, Ribbon or any other navigational items on the page.