I know this sounds like a totally ridiculous tip, because everyone knows it, but you never know when you really need it.

There are those of us who have been programming and/or website designing for many years. With those many years, we have practiced what we’ve been told, for that ‘just in case’ happening. After doing this for years and years, you gain a little bit comfortability, and sometimes, you don’t practice what you preach in this area. You think to yourself “Oh I don’t need to do it this time – nothing bad has ever happened to me when I do this”. When this happens, that’s the time something usually comes back to bite you.

Any time you are editing any of the SharePoint layout files – BE SURE to back up the original file first! That way, if any thing goes wrong – (let’s say you accidentally delete a very important section of the layout, while your little finger accidentally hits the enter key and then you save and close the file) – – then, you’ll have some recourse. Otherwise you don’t…..keep this in mind the next time you’re about to change ‘only’ the backcolor of a certain section in a layout file.