Here is a continuation of steps needed, based on Part I of ‘Create a list from an External Content Type – Part I.
Part I can be seen here:

Once the steps in Part 1 are finished, a tree view of tables, views and stored procedures from the chosen database appears in the interface.

  • Right click on the table or view from which the ECT is to be based.
    • Based on your needs, choose from the items in the dropdown:
    • Create All Operations (Read/List/Create/Update/Delete/New Association), however, this is only if you want the end user to have a great deal of control on items in the database
    • New Read Item Operation
    • New Read List Operation
    • New Create Operation
    • New Update Operation
    • New Delete Operation
    • New Association
  • The base operations required are Read Item and Read List
  • When choosing Read Item or Read List (both required), a wizard appears.
    • When choosing
    • Create a Name and Display Name for the Operation (or leave defaults). The ‘Display Name’ is what will be used in the URL of the page that’s will be shown with the results for that operation.
    • Click the ‘Next’ button
    • Configure any input parameters you need and click the ‘Next’ button
    • Configure any Return Parameters you need. ?
      • Click on any field/column to make choices in the Properties box for that field (Required/Read-Only, etc)
      • The checkbox next to the field name controls whether or not this field is visible in the final list.
    • One thing to note here – if you’re using an Office type, like Contact – for each field name you’re displaying, it needs the ‘Office Property’ mapped to it (Last/First name, etc)
    • Click the ‘Finish’ button
    • Right click on the table or view again, to add any other operations necessary.
  • Save ECT (save button at top of existing screen)
  • Click on ‘Create Lists & Forms’ icon in the ‘Lists & Forms’ section of the ‘External Content Types’ ribbon tab.
    • Designate a List Name and Description (if needed)
    • If Updating, check the ‘Create InfoPath Form’ checkbox if there will be any need for editing/updating