I know, to some of you, this will seem like a ridiculously basic question/post. But since it was posted on one of the forums recently, and I had many problems with head hunters/recruiters on this, I thought it might be worthy to create a post about it.

The question was:
“What’s the difference between ASP.net, VB.Net and C#”. If there was one person who posted about it, there are untold others who are probably asking the same question. The basic answer is below.

There are multiple development platforms in the DotNet World. (recruiters, please pay attention) One is Winforms, which is the Windows desktop application platform. Another is ASP.Net, which is the Web Development platform. (I’m not going to get into WPF at all here, by the way)

Now – here is the big difference. Like I said, ASP.net is the Web Development Platform for MS Dotnet applications. In otherwords, you use ASP.Net to create a website.

OK – to create that website, yes, you use the platform, ASP.Net, but you will need to choose a programming language, which would most likely be either VB.Net and C#. So, instead of 3 things, you can easily break this down into 2 things:

  1. ASP.Net, using VB.Net as the programming language
  2. or ASP.Net using C# as the programming language

Before I knew C#, when I was a VB.Net programmer, you have no idea how many recruiters just looked at my resume and saw ASP.Net, and called me because they had a C# job available. Most of them had no idea there was a difference between languages, or a difference between Platform and language.