This is a very cool new feature of Visual Studio 2010.

Let’s say you’ve created some breakpoints in your code, and you’ve got a variable that changes during a loop. Naturally, you can press F11 or F5 to sequence through it again, and then hover over that particular variable to see its value, but…..

Another way to take care of this is to notice the ‘pin’ icon in the popup when you hover over the variable you are looking for. Just click that ‘pin’ icon, and it will pin it to the page. You can even move it wherever you want, and do it for multiple items – stack them, line them up – put them wherever you’d like.

Then, they’ll be handy and viewable in that position whenever you’d like to view them. Not only that, but they’re viewable the next time you run the application – until you actually delete them from the page.