Every time I build a setup project in Visual Studio.Net, I find it very easy to use the wizard and setup the program menu, etc, but for some reason, I can never remember where to change the Manufacturer and Product Name, so that when it’s installed, it will go to specific folders.

All the places I searched would always say this information is in the assembly metadata or it’s assigned when you create the program. I would always look in place after place, never remembering where to change this information. Well, I could never find it, and it always installed it in the programs folder, but it would create a directory called ‘Default Company Name’.

The problem is that I was always right-clicking on the items to find the location to change these items. The solution is to do a regular left-click on the Setup project. Once that’s selected, click on the Properties Window. There, you will find all the items you may want to change (Author, Manufacturer, Product Name, etc)