The first way is pretty self-explanatory – you create it from scratch. When you create a new Windows Forms application, a default Windows Form is present. Just change the isMDIParent property to True and voila – you’re on your way to working with an MDI application.

However, to get a little head start (not very much), when you add a new item to your project, choose ‘MDI Parent Form’ from the templates. It comes automatically stocked with a menu strip (With all the basic items – File, Edit, View, Tools, Windows and Help), a ToolStrip, with New, Open, Save, Print, Print Preview and Help icons), a Status Strip, and a ToolTip, to boot! You even get a little of the code needed, to get you on your way. It’s by no means a full-featured application, but it surely gives you a decent head start by doing it this way.