In SharePoint 2010, you can use Document Libraries to create ‘sets’ or groups of documents. Often, there? there is a need to combine multiple documents based on a particular purpose. These, then obviously are called ‘Document Sets‘.

 It’s included with SharePoint Server, but, it’s not activated by default. You must go into your site collection, and under Site Collection Administration, choose ‘Site collection features’. Once you’re there, click on the ‘Activate’ button for ‘Document Sets’.

 Next, go into your library’s Advanced Settings and set it to allow management of content types. Once that’s done, in the Document Library Settings, click on the link to ‘Add from existing content types’. On that page, from the list box on the left, choose ‘Document Set’ and add it to the list box on the right.

At that point, you’re set. Go to your library. Choose the ‘Documents’ ribbon under the Library Tools. Now, the ‘New Document’ link will now have (in addition to ‘Document’) and item called ‘Document Set’. Click on that item and give it your name and description, if desired.

 From there, you can upload a document or multiple documents using the ‘Documents’ tab of the ‘Library Tools’ tab. For multiple documents, you will see an Explorer type interface, so you can browse to the folder you want, check the items you want and click ‘OK’ to upload them all to your document set.

 Not only can you combine them into the one set, but you can actually perform Workflows against the set, instead of creating multiple workflows, one for each document.