With the last few versions of Visual Studio, it’s become very easy to create menus on your form. You just go to the Toolbox, find the Menus and Toolbars section and drag a MenuStrip onto your form. From there, you just type in what you want for your menu items. However, the more items you have, it can get really cluttered and hard to manage really fast.

 What I recommend is slowing down, being patient – each time you type in a menu Item (let’s say ‘&File’, think of what you would like it to have for a name, and take care of that when you create it. For instance – you have ‘&File’ typed in and you call it ‘mnuFile’ . Then, hierarchically, you add an ‘&Open’ below it. Take your time and design and follow your own naming convention. In this case, we’d call it ‘mnuFileOpen’.

(Just in case you don’t know what the ampersand is for [‘&’], it allows you to assign an Alt-hotkey for that item. For instance ‘&File’ would equate to the Alt-F shortcut to get to that menu item.)

It may not sound much, but when you double click on your menu items, to give them click events, further on down the road, you’ll be glad you did. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of events which all end with ‘ToolStripMenuItem_Click’.

Yes, they’ll have something to distinguish them, at the front of that string, but what if you had multiple dropdown sections with the same filename? It’s much easier to decide on a naming convention and stick to it and it makes your application code much easier to sort through during the coding process.