Yesterday, I was trying to create a new page on a publishing site. When I pressed the ‘Create’ button. I got a message that I couldn’t do that because it was checked out by another user. In this case, the user was no longer here. I went to the Pages Library and I couldn’t see the new page at all, so it was a little confusing, to say the least.

As it turned out, this user had created a file with the same filename I had chosen, but never finished it and therefore had not checked it in.

To fix it, I went to the Site Contents (v2013) Pages Library and clicked on ‘List Settings’. Low and behold, there was a link under Permissions and Management named ‘Manage files which have no checked in version’. When I clicked on this, I saw a heading titled “Files Check out to others” with a checkbox to the left of each one. That new file was in the list.

All I had to do was select the checkbox by my file and go to the top of the page where there was a link called “Take Ownership of Selection”. From that point, I could work with the file and change it to the formatting I desired. Easy – right?