Let’s say you’ve decided that a page you have (like a default page) is not where you really want your users to land. However, since people have bookmarked the page, you don’t want to delete the page and you’ve decided to add a Content Editor web part on the page and put a JavaScript redirect there instead.

Oops! – it’s done, but now you find out the page to which you’ve redirected either doesn’t exist or it’s the wrong page. The problem is that you cannot land and stop on that page to fix the redirect because the redirect automatically happens. Have no fear, there’s a fairly simple way of fixing this by putting the page in ‘Maintenance’ mode.

If your original URL is: http://MyWhatever.com/default.aspx, just put a querystring at the end of the URL, after the page name, like:

This puts the page in the web part Maintenance view. Your Content Editor web part you just put in the page should be at the bottom of the web part list you will see on that page. Just click the checkbox to the left of it and at the top, either click ‘Close’ to close that web part on the page or ‘Delete’.

When you go back to that page, your Content Editor web part will not work and you should see the page just as it was previously. From there, you can add another Content Editor web part to start over again (or do whatever you need to do). Do remember to set the new web part’s Chrome to ‘None’. Since that page might show very quickly before the redirect, normally, you don’t want a ‘Content Editor’ title to show at the top as you are redirected. Although that would probably be OK, this presents a cleaner look to the user.