Let’s say that you are in SharePoint and you have typed in a person’s name (into the people picker control) and even though you were sure you typed it correctly, it has been rejected as misspelled. Some people just don’t want to go to the ‘Open Book’ icon and search, due to time or whatever.

This is an easier way to skip that step and stay in the same location. At this point, you have a red, squiggly line underneath the name that did not work for you, along with a red message that ‘No exact match was found”. Don’t worry, it’s easy from here. Just right click on the text with the red squiggly under it (make sure the mouse icon is not the pointer/arrow, but the icon that you would use to insert text in that area).

What you should see is a dropdownlist showing you (along with ‘Remove’ and ‘More Names’) a list of names that are close to whatever you had originally typed, as suggestions. You can just pick one from there, double-click on it and it will change the wrongly spelled name to a correct spelling. That’s all there is to it.