If you are in a company in which the Fiscal Year does not start January 1st, it might become necessary in your code, to figure out what the actual Fiscal Year is at any point during the year. The following is a method (in C#) which returns a string based on the fact that the current Fiscal Year starts on September 1st, like many schools do.

        private string getCurrentFiscalYear()
            string currentFiscalYear = DateTime.Now.Year.ToString();

            if (DateTime.Now.Month >= 1 && DateTime.Now.Month < 9)
            { currentFiscalYear = DateTime.Now.Year.ToString(); }
            if (DateTime.Now.Month >= 9 && DateTime.Now.Month <= 12)
            { currentFiscalYear = DateTime.Now.AddYears(1).Year.ToString(); }

            return currentFiscalYear;