How many times have you put a List View (naturally connected to a list), but only wanted to show one item from the list or multiple lines using one column as a filter? Well, you can do that with little or no work, using a query string.

In my example, let’s use the ‘Title’ column (book names). For this, the title is unique, so only one row would be returned, but you could use any column for filtering and return multiple items/rows. The URL to the full list is:

From there, you would need to add a query string to the URL, like:

?FilterField1=Title&FilterValue1=Tom Sawyer

So, of course, the entire URL would be:>?FilterField1=Title&FilterValue1=Tom Sawyer

You start all query strings, of course, with the ‘?’ and then ‘FilterField1′ needs to be defined using the field in the list on which you want to filter. ‘FilterValue1′ is the Title you want to use, to pull up the rest of the data in that item/record.

It’s just as easy as that!
(btw, all items need to be case sensitive)