If you, for some reason or the other, find that when you try to add a new document to your document library, that it comes up and prompts you for an InfoPath type of document and you know beyond a shadow of doubt that you’re supposed to just get a normal ‘Browse’ dialog to upload your other types of files, it’s not as bad as you think. It’s not all screwed up – there’s an easy check-up to fix this.

Just navigate to Site Actions/Site Settings and then, under ‘General Settings’, click on the ‘Advanced Settings’ link. the second item from the top is ‘Document Template’. Look to see first if there is a path to a file there. Then check to see if it’s an XML file. If you are supposed to be able to load any other types of documents (.docx/.xslx/.pdf/.pptx, etc.), just remove the path from that textbox and click the the ‘OK’ button down at the bottom.

There, you’re done!