Here are some really cool features in Visual Studio 2013 that I particularly like:

Built in Shortcuts

Surround with —
Ctrl-K Ctrl-S – this surrounds highlighted text with whatever you choose. The first menu shows ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC4, and HTML. Choose any one of those items and it gives you the appropriate list of items you can use to surround the highlighted text.

Comments —
Ctrl-K Ctrl CInsert comment tags around highlighted text. This is also context-aware (CSS/HTML, MVC, etc.)

Search Solution Explorer —
Ctrl-Q Searches and highlights items in Solution Explorer

Other Features

Built in Intellisense for JQuery
Quick Launch (Ctrl-Q) Search for NuGet items
Navigate To (Ctrl-,) Search for anything in the project. It will find all the pages with references to that item, allowing you to scroll to a particular page, then click and load it.

For more features, go to New Visual Studio Features