Recently, I had a problem that only occurred when I debugged my application through Visual Studio. One and only one (out of dozens) of variables became ‘stuck’, if you will. I always got the error message that the variable was undefined. The error remained even when I completely removed the variable and named it something else.

I tried deleting all the IE temp files. I tried deleting Visual Studio cache. I also searched the net and found other places to delete cache – nothing worked.

Finally I found a post on one of the forums that worked. In IE, as you may or may not know, there is a really great group of tools known as the F12 Tools because you can use them by pressing the F12 key in IE. At the top of the newly opened window, there is a ‘Cache’ menu item. Click that and click ‘Clear Browser Cache for this domain’. That did it for me. Hope it works for you.