OK – let’s say you have your new MVC 3 project loaded in Visual Studio. The focus is on your cshtml or vbhtml page, and you presss F5 or click the Debug arrow.

You get really ticked off, because the web page that comes up, gripes at you and tells you:
“The resource cannot be found”.

You go back and click on any of the other filetypes, and it loads and debugs perfectly. What ticks you off more is that you know this will happen, but in your haste, it happens anyway.

Don’t dispair, there is another path in which this won’t happen….

All you need to do is go to your project’s properties (right-click on your project and choose ‘Properties’) when your project is NOT in debug mode. Once you get there, click the ‘Web’ tab. Inside that tab, click the ‘Specific Page’ radio button, but do not put in a filename. Save it, recompile and debug away.