Let’s say you have a generic list:

Dim ProdList As New List(Of String)
With ProdList
	.Add("Alice Mutton")
	.Add("Gravad lax")
End With
List ProdList = new List(Of, String);
 	ProdList.Add("Alice Mutton");
	ProdList.Add("Gravad lax");

Then, let’s say you want to loop through those items, one at a time and manipulate each one in some manner or form. It’s pretty easy, as you will see.

All you need to do is to put a for each loop around your manipulation code:

For Each sItem As String In ProdList
	If sItem = (whatever) Then
        	' do your manipulation here	
	End If
foreach (string sItem in ProdList) {
     if ((sItem == whatever)) {
         //  do your manipulation here