There are so many options/attributes that can be used with the ASP.Net menu control, that sometimes, it can be a daunting task to make it look and feel exactly like you want. Hopefully, this post can help with some of these tasks.

Vertical Menu on side of page with dynamic flyouts:
Problem: Dynamic flyouts are too close to the root menu items
Tip : Use the HorizontalPadding attribute of the DynamicMenuStyle to add 10 – 20px of padding to the left of the menu items. You can also play with the DynamicHorizontalOffset (integer) to push the entire block of dynamic items over.

Problem: The text of the flyout items interfere with the text on the underlying page.
Tip: Again, in the DynamicMenuStyle, set the BackColor to match a color in your overall scheme. Then, you won’t be able to see anything on the page, in the space where the menu items are shown.

Problem: Setting the orientation horizontal only shows the root item, instead of all items horizontally.
Tip: Set the Static DisplayLevels to ‘2’

Problem: You tried the horizontal method above and the menu items are too close together.
Tip: use the StaticMenuItemStyle’s HorizontalPadding attribute to add space between the menu items.

Problem: You’ve never used the menu items or the SiteMapPath control for a breadcrumb because the creation of the web.sitemap file is too laborious.
Tip: Luckily, Tumbling Dice Software has a product called ‘SiteMap Creator’ specifically for this, to automatically generate your web.sitemap file directly from the file structure of you web site.