You can show SSRS reports (although in rdlc format other than rdl) in your ASP.Net applications fairly easily with the ReportViewer control. But one of the most powerful weapons available is the ability to use Expressions to make the report do or show different things dynamically.

For instance, the Immediate-If function is very useful in different ways. For instance, let’s say you wanted to make the color of certain values different, based on different situations. You can try something like this in the Color property of a textbox:

=IIf(Fields!Cost.Value > Fields!Revenue.Value, "Red", "Black")

Also – Let’s say you have a bit DataType in a column titled ‘Completed’. The display would show either True or False. You might want to show that in a different way on the report itself. You could change the Header to ‘Status’ from ‘Complete’, and use the following so it will show as ‘Complete’ or ‘Not Complete':

=iif(Fields!Completed.Value=true,"Complete", "Not Complete")

Expressions are very useful and can be used in most textboxes for the actual values and in each of the textbox properties.