Recently I’ve been working on several stored procedures for DotNet applications and, though they were created successfully, when creating and editing them in the SQL Server Management Studio window, some, but not all of the column names in the list to be selected/inserted/updated would have the well-known red squiggly lines beneath them, and the tooltip showed that they were ‘Invalid Column Names’. When I Executed my sProc, everthing worked fine (Creating/Altering, etc.), but that ‘error’ just bugged me.

I made sure that they were the exact column names (copied/pasted, etc.), but nothing changed.

After quite a few Internet searches, I came upon one lone post somewhere that suggested it was a cache issue (isn’t everything?).

I then found a new menu item in SSMS. With the Stored Procedure window active, you will find Edit/Intellisense/Refresh Local Cache. I clicked that item and voila! – the problem disappeard.